Updated 11/25/2020


We hope you are having a wonderful league season.


In light of the governor's recent executive order regarding COVID-19 and the rise in cases across our state, we are reaching out for your help in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Governor Cooper recently said, “I have a stark warning for North Carolinians today: We are in danger. This is a pivotal moment in our fight against the coronavirus. Our actions now will determine the fate of many.”


We know that tennis typically allows for plenty of social distancing space while playing, however, in light of the CDC's recent revision of their recommendations for exposure risk (now considered to be cumulative 15 minute exposure/24hrs  vs. discrete sustained 15 minute exposures (CNN) paired with the number of times partners on the same court may enter each other's 6 foot "bubble" while playing a 1.5hr match, we strongly encourage all players in the league start wearing masks during play and throughout the duration of their matches. Additionally, we recommend players start storing their bags on the four far corners of their court to avoid contact with other players and their partners during change overs.


The full executive order can be found HERE and goes into effect today Wednesday 11/25 through 12/11. We specifically considered Subsection l(C). Requiring Face Coverings if People Are Exercising, provision 2.4A, in making our recommendation.


We hope that these modest changes in our behavior can help to slow the spread of COVID across our state while also keeping tennis open to all of us.


Thanks you for your cooperation,