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Debbie Baker - Chairman of Growth and Development

Debbie Baker did not have any interest in the sport of tennis before hearing the words, “go from couch to courts in 4 weeks!” The ambitious claim inspired her to enroll in the Eno Community Tennis Association’s “Try Tennis” program for adult beginners. Two years later, Baker enjoys regularly playing alongside a team of women in the Durham area, as she applies the lessons she’s learned from match to match.  In two years, Debbie has accomplished going to State Championship, Sectionals and in 2019, Debbie and her 55 and over 3.0 team made it to the National Championships in Arizona.  She has accomplished a lot in the two years of tennis.  We are thrilled to have Debbie on board the Eno CTA and look forward to working along side her and promoting tennis programs and events to the Chapel Hill - Durham area residents.

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