La Liga

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What is the highest rated combo allowed in both tables ?

10.5 is allowed in La Liga Table One. 9.0 is highest allowed in La Liga Table Two.

Can I play in both tables ?

Only 4.5s are allowed to play in both tables. That will count as two registrations. ( $40 )

When do we play matches ?

The league is self - service. The La Liga co-ordinator will make sure pairs are getting matches in at a good pace, but you can play your matches as fast as you wish.

When is the match schedule available ?

All matches will be posted on Sept 17th for the entire season.

If I get promoted from La Liga Two do I have to move up with my partner ?

No. You can "play up" as an individual or as a pair ; your choice. If promoted, you can no longer play in La Liga Two.

If I win La Liga One what happens next ?

Congrats ! But you will now need a new partner for the next season of La Liga. This is for the top 3 pairings by points. Those are considered the 'winners' of the table.

Where do we play matches ?

That is up to the 4 people arranging the match in question. La Liga has no fixed match locations.

As a 4.5, why would I play in Table One versus Table Two ?

The decision for a 4.5 player is twofold ; do you want harder competion OR do you want to see if you can win the lower division ?

Why is La Liga mixing the ratings this way ?

The hope is to foster tougher competition where the starting point is your NTRP rating, but over time the 2 tables represent performance level.

What happens if I get demoted from Table One ?

This means that as a pair or as an individual you are not allowed to play Table One. You have to earn your way back into the table via promotion from Table Two. This is meant to foster tough competition until the very end. This means later stage matches to avoid the relegation 'drop zone' are just as important to perform well. Survive and stay up :-)

What happens if I get demoted from Table Two ?

This will require both players to get new partners for Season 2 of La Liga. Both players would remain in Table Two with their new partners.

When is promotion and relegation ?

This is done at the end of the season, Feb 27th, when all points are finalized.