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La Liga

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The Basics

la Liga is a hybrid combo tennis competition being run by the Eno Community Tennis Association that is targeting higher level players from 4.0 NTRP and up. 

These are the two  “ la Liga Divisions “

  • la Liga 1    [  9.0 - 10.5  ]

  • la Liga 2    [  8.0 - 9.0  ]

This "hybrid combo" concept has some new features.  

  • wider bands of the combo rating

  • points system that rewards strong play regardless if you win or lose

  • divisions that create motivation for promotion and relegation

  • importance of ALL matches as the season progresses

  • 4.5 + 4.5 pairs get to choose to "play up" or "play down" at start of seaon

Doubles partners play together the entire season. 

By the Numbers / Season 1

  • 14 pairs max (28 players) per division.  

  • Everyone plays everyone in the division (round robin) 

  • All mens doubles + All womens doubles   (not mixed)    

  • 2 sessions with a winter ‘break’      

  • Sept 21st - Dec 7th      

  • Jan 10th - Mar 10th

  • Schedule of play for whole season distributed ahead of time. Matches will be grouped so that pairs can focus their communications for arranging matches. 

  • Approximately 17 weeks to finish 13 matches

  • $20 cost per player

  • Points awarded per match. See Scoring section

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  • Significant cash prizes for the top 3 pairs in each division will be rewarded. More details on this coming after registration closes. 

  • Local 'bakery' sponsors to award breadstick and bagels based on your scores. **

  • Fridge magnet for all players end of season.

    • Survived the drop

    • Top 3 Finish

    • Delivered Bagels Regularly

  • Names added to the Eno Tennis Honor Board at Garrett Park. ​ **

** 9.6.20 negotiations ongoing

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USTA typical format. 2 sets with 3rd set 10pt TB if needed. 

Points Table

  1. Straight set win ---> 8 pts to winner

  2. Split set win ; TB gap <=5  --->   4 pts to winner

  3. Split set win ; TB gap >=6  --->  6 pts to winner

Additional Points Added to Above Logic

  1. Straight set win; scores 7-6,7-5 or 7-6,7-6  --->  1 pt to winner 3pts to loser

  2. Beat down points - 

  3. Bagel Bonus - 

  4. Breadstick Bonus - 

  5. Unpredicted Loss Bonus - 


  • You can only sub a maximum of twice a season ie 11 / 13 matches must be the signed-up pair. 

  • la Liga points are assigned to the PAIR. 

  • Sub cannot be higher than your current USTA rating. 

  • Sub must be cleared ahead of time by the la Liga admin via a confirmed email. 

  • Players are responsible for finding a SUB. 

  • Injury rules - TBD 

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  • la Liga is self-service for courts.

  • la Liga is self-service in arranging times for the matches. 

  • la Liga Admin will monitor that the divisions are making progress in playing matches. 

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  • ​Relegation & Promotion happens at the end of Season 1.

  • Relegation means being moved (as a pair) into Division 2.

  • Promotion means being moved (as a pair) into Division 1.

  • ​Top 3 pairs (6 people) from La Liga 2 get promoted to La Liga 1. 

  • Bottom 3 pairs (6 people) in La Liga 1 get relegated to La Liga 2.

  • If you decide to break your pairing in Season 2, you are free to play either division within the rules of la Liga. To be clear; promoted pairs or relegated pairs are required to play in their 'end-result' division for the following season if they choose to stay together. 

  • Pairs who do not make top 3 or bottom 3 positions stay in division. 


  • Eno CTA programs adhere to the official USTA rules and guidelines on behavior, rules and scoring. As a participant you are bound by same. A copy of the USTA Friend at Court, Code of Conduct can be downloaded here

  • Players new to la Liga are organized by registration selection of division.

  • However, for Season 2 only new entrants will be organized in this manner.


  • Players from Season 1 will be banded by their performance

  •   insert  exception if you WIN division 1 ?    maybe not


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MC to insert

add points for bagels/breadsticks in TBs

possibly double the points so that pairs are separated more


Good communication is the bedrock of a well run tennis event. While la Liga is self-service, we hope to make it as smooth running and enjoyable as possible. In that effort, there are a few technology solutions we are implementing in order to facilitate maximum efficiency with ease of use. 

Google Calendar. A Google Calendar will be available for each Division to edit as required. 

Google Hangouts. Contact details will be shared per division inside a password protected webpage, however, we recommend installing the Google Hangouts app. The group chat feature is excellent at facilitating communications between pairs. 

DoubleMatchPoint. This mobile app will be available to record score results. 

Eno Website. A password protected area will house the latest news and results. 

la Liga admin (Mike Carter) is available via email or Google Hangouts. 


Can we apply general usta tennis rules overall? Grievances etc....  Would like to put wording like....  all players will agree to both a waiver AND USTA governing rules XYZ code of conduct. 

USTA code of conduct is Friend at Court  google doc link and live url 

checkbox for this too......   


This is the first season of la Liga for the Eno CTA. We welcome you as an initial player in this new competition and value your feedback for season 2. 

Long-term, we have many goals for the future of the competition and below is a short list of our thinking to date. 

etc etc


Home pub   ( Bull McCabes? ) to watch some tennis (aus open etc) and have season end "award show" :-)

More sponsors / awards

Charity giving / Eno Programs

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